Introducing, D&D

Meet D&D. They have been serving in the 1040 window for 5 years and have nearly achieved total fluency in the country’s main language. (Praise God!) In the next 12 months, they hope to decide on which unreached people group they will live amongst.

Ten Forty Soap is partnering with them to help raise money for a vehicle. The unreached groups in the area are difficult to get to and they will need reliable transportation. With a vehicle that is able to handle terrain and fit their family, they’ll be able to investigate and decide on a people group. Once they’ve relocated, they will learn the native language and share with them the saving news of Jesus Christ.

They gave up everything in the United States so that strangers could know Him. When they felt God nudging them to go, they obeyed.

Join us as we help them get to where they need to go. Purchase a bar of soap, or donate HERE